Facebook Deleted This Post About Dignity

I published the following post on my personal Facebook page about the divergence in leadership that I experienced while watching the press conference of the President pf the United States on March 23, 2020 versus a single Tweet by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo the following day.

The post received a lot of engagement throughout the morning with people liking, commenting, agreeing and even disagreeing (something I always welcome, by the way).

Several hours after posting this, Facebook notified me that my post went against their “Community Standards.”

Facebook uses an algorithm and when enough people “report” my comment as spam, its computers flag the post as spam.

For posterity’s sake, as well as for the official record, here is the post, as well as the screenshot of the Tweet by Governor Andrew Cuomo that I was referring to.

I was so shaken up last night after making the mistake and listening to the rambling press conference of Donald Trump. I had to ask myself how anyone could make such inhumane references to “losses” of human life versus impact on the economy and talk about “assessments” of these potential losses. He rambled and in a disgusting way tried to almost justify his remarks that well, the people who are dying are older and had pre-existing conditions and we have to “assess” the overall losses to the economy. I recalled the lessons my family taught me about dignity and humanity and the years growing up in a real Orthodox Christian environment with the late Fr. Michael Sfanos at Holy Trinity and how we treat our fellow humans. I also remembered the dignity we gave both my mother and father during their final weeks on this earth and the struggles everyone fought to keep them alive and comfortable. At a time when we need comfort and leadership from our President, he rattled an entire nation… People with senior citizen parents, people with illnesses… This demographic all of the sudden became disposable. We became “an assessment” and a possible casualty of war. In comparison, I saw the Tweet from the Governor of New York– someone, by the way, that I didn’t vote for and someone I have a lot of opposite political views with– but have a newfound respect for. Thank you Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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