Airplanes Can Fly Over Walls

Our government is shut down because President Trump wants Congress to give him $5 billion to build a wall (that he claims) will keep undocumented migrants from entering the country.

The President is overlooking some simple, inconvenient facts while trying to stoke fear, particularly amongst his racist, gullible and uneducated followers.

Nearly twice the amount of undocumented people who entered the United States in 2017 came here legally on an airplane– almost DOUBLE the number who tried crossing the southern border where the President wants to build his wall.

According to statistics from the Department of Homeland Security, there were over 702,000 visa overstayers in 2017.

These individuals arrived with various legal visas, including student, employment and tourist and overstayed their legal welcome in the country.

The largest number of overstays were in the regular short-term visitor category (B-1/B-2). This number grew by about 5 percent from 2016 to 2017, posing a bigger threat to our nation’s security than any other form of attempted illegal entry.

But our fear-mongerer in chief isn’t mentioning these terrible people when addressing his flock of sheep.

Statistics tracked overall overstays from country to country, as well as percentage of overstays. Countries that reached a certain threshold of overstay were forced to launch public service campaigns in their countries.

The biggest offenders?

While other nations have more actual overstays counted, Portugal, Hungary, and Greece have the highest overstay percentages of all the Visa Waiver Program countries, and have been required to launch public information programs to remind their citizens to comply with our laws.

The real kicker which pokes the biggest hole in Trump’s argument about protecting the Southern Border?

The number of visa overstayers is almost double the number of individuals apprehended at the southern border trying to enter the country illegally during the same period.

Almost double. According to Customs and Border Patrol, that figure was 361,993.

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