Bringing Mykonosguy Out of Retirement

Years ago I earned the nickname “mykonosguy” from my close friends… I started visiting the island when I was 16 and have never stopped. (Read about my first experience here)

I know (and have experienced) a different Mykonos than most casual visitors who go for 3, 4 or 5 days to party at Super Paradise or see a DJ spin at Cavo Paradiso.

I don’t go for the parties or the beaches (although I enjoy them)… I go for different reasons (But that’s a whole, other story).

Because of my nickname… I actually started my first blog— (which was the precursor to The Pappas Post)… I also had an Instagram profile with hundreds of photos that I had collected or taken myself.

When The Pappas Post emerged, that became my new “go-to” brand from which all content emerged. Instagrams and URLs were switched and everything “mykonosguy” went into a (digital) box under my (digital) bed.

So fast forward to today…

My event production company has already booked 5 weddings on the island next summer that I’ll be knee deep in planning for the next year…

On a weekly basis I get emails from friends and strangers alike asking my advice on where to stay, where to eat and where to swim on Mykonos.

And I continue to visit and take the island’s unique energy.

So… I’ve decided to bring my “mykonosguy” persona out of retirement and back amongst the digital living.

I will be re-publishing some of the older content on my website, as well as re-building my original Instagram page.

In the meantime… if you’re looking to get married, host your kid’s baptism or a birthday party on the island— hit me up. My destination event business there (as well as everywhere in Greece) is booming. People are heading there for their special events in droves.

Why shouldn’t you?

And why shouldn’t you hire the best event planning company to organize your event? Call or email me.

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