Traces of Memory Everywhere I Went in Berlin

I visited Berlin last month on my way back from Greece. A European layover en route home is my new thing.

Since I visit Greece often, I figured that a great way to experience more would be to bypass the non-stop flight home and pick a different European city to stop in and explore, before heading back to New York.

My first city of exploration was Berlin.

The best thing of all was seeing Amr… We’ve been in each other’s lives for over five years now and it was great seeing him progress from a homeless refugee in Athens to an artist, finding his own place in such a dynamic city.

Exploring the history of this amazing city and seeing the awesome sense of memory the Germans have to their past and how they have chosen, as a society, to take responsibility for it and accept it as their own, as terrible as it may have been.

The Berlin Wall, the Holocaust… It was everywhere in Berlin.

Memorial plaques in the ground outside the front doors of dozens of apartment buildings, marking the former residents of Jews deported to concentration camps

These bronze plates were in front of dozens upon dozens of apartment buildings, bearing the names of people who once lived inside but were deported and murdered in concentration camps.

The memory of the wall that divided East and West is everywhere, as were tributes to the dozens who were killed trying to cross the wall.

I fell in love with Berlin… what a vibrant city, filled with culture, food, history, nightlife…

Oh and I even made it past the most famous doorman in the world, Sven, at Berghain nightclub which the young ones say is the hardest club in the world to get into… I guess I still have it at almost 50… or, it was an off night and he was letting everyone in.

The infamous Sven, doorman of Berghain

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