Some People Closed Their Borders, Others Opened Their Hearts

I was honored to support director Takis Bardakos’ latest film project as an Executive Producer. “Border Souls” is a film about solidarity in the wake of the biggest refugee crisis in modern history and chronicles a northern Greek monk and his volunteers at his monastery.

The film is narrated by the monk himself and shares his views about helping others.

He questions those who would ask what nationality or religion those arriving are; or whether they should even be helped, calling even such a question “criminal.”

My favorite line in the film, spoken by one of the monk’s volunteers:

“Some people closed their borders, others opened their hearts.”

Border Souls won the “Best Documentary” category at the Around Films International Film Festival in Paris and I couldn’t be more honored to have been involved, even in a small part.

While I don’t profess to be much of a qualified spokesperson for Christianity and more specifically, Orthodox Christianity, I do believe that this monk epitomizes the love and compassion that Christ represented in his message– a message that is lost on many “good Greek Orthodox Christians” I know who have ignored this refugee crisis and turned their backs not only to these refugees, but also to the teachings of the one they claim is their savior.

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