Visiting a Ghost Town on Lesvos

I visited the village of Vrisa on the island of Lesvos on July 16th, just over a month after a devastating earthquake hit, destroying almost 1,000 buildings. Practically the entire village was turned to rubble.

I visited as part of an official delegation of the Greek America Foundation, which had raised in excess of $40,000 to help the homeless families.

It was a surreal experience. Many homes had collapsed completely, while others only experienced partial damage with entire walls or facades crumbled, exposing bedrooms, kitchens, living room couches– as if they were on some kind of open-air exhibition.

After meeting with local officials, we determined that the best way to help was to provide long-term food support to the 250-or-so families that lost their homes. Our fundraising campaign reached a wide audience and I’m impressed with the generosity of the Greek America Foundation board, as well as the public at large.

Our efforts were also covered in the Greek daily Kathimerini in both their Greek daily edition, as well as their English language edition.

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