The Death of Decency

Looking back, I think that of all of the Presidents I have been old enough to remember, most of them have been decent men. I may not have agreed with their politics, or their decisions, but most were decent human beings.

Both George Bushes were definitely decent men, as was Barack Obama.

In my own personal opinion, I don’t think Bill Clinton was a decent man after the way he treated his own wife, Monica Lewinsky and subsequently, the American people to whom he told the most egregious lies and thought we were dummies.

I don’t remember much of Ronald Reagan because it was the 80s and I was too busy listening to Madonna and George Michael to care about politics.

The one thing that has bothered me the most about this whole election cycle isn’t potential trade wars or economic policy. It’s not my tax rate or even immigration policy. It’s not the people Donald Trump is nominating for positions in his cabinet or even their anti-LGBT records that may, someday, even curtail my own rights as a citizen

No. It’s none of that.

For me, my vehement opposition to Donald Trump has nothing to do with his policies or politics.

For me, it’s his lack of decency as a human being. Period. It’s his sheer ugliness as a human being– and I am not referring to looks, but to his character.

Donald Trump is not a decent human being. That’s my problem. And I cannot respect a man who isn’t decent, to be my President. I just won’t do it.

This is NOT the Tweet of a decent man who will sit in the Oval Office and represent me. Decent men don’t call women– or anyone, for that matter, “disgusting.”

I vehemently opposed George Bush’s war in Iraq as dangerous, but I never questioned his decency. I have opposed many of Barack Obama’s foreign policy decisions, including releasing prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, his long-standing feud with Israel and his failure to act as the leader of the free world in the Syrian Civil War, but I never questioned his decency as a human being.

A decent man would not stand at that podium and poke fun at a disabled man.

My opinion about Donald Trump isn’t based on things the media have spun, or stories that have been smattered with left wing bias. My opinion is based on his own actions, his own Tweets, his own words— practically every single time he opens his mouth or pushes his finger on his iPhone keyboard.

Decent men don’t say things like “grab women in the pussy.” It’s degrading.

George Bush Jr. was one of the most attacked presidents of my lifetime, and despite this, he was always a gentleman.

Barack Obama saw effigies of black men burned in front of Christian churches– and never fired off a single Tweet to those who attacked him.

Donald Trump’s lack of decency is why I will not normalize his Presidency.

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