I Can’t Normalize Donald Trump

I hope you’ll hear me out— even if you don’t agree with me. Because my opinion is just as valid as yours and I do listen to yours, as long as it’s a real opinion based on a valid argument.

I cannot and will not normalize Donald Trump as the President of the United States.

I don’t care how many Greeks he appoints to his cabinet. I don’t care how many emoticons of the Greek flag he Tweets on Greek Independence Day.

A friend asked me recently in a Facebook post:

Wouldn’t it be equally as sad if this country doesn’t come out to welcome our next president, out of respect for the office and for this great country. I don’t care who stands at that podium today, today is a day bigger than the person. It is American day and should be respected as such. Tomorrow we can all go back to morning or rejoicing. Don’t you think?

I respectfully disagreed.

I cannot normalize Donald Trump’s behavior, tweets and attacks against women, against blacks, against Muslims (and so many more).

I cannot normalize sexual predatory behavior.

I cannot normalize a man bragging about grabbing women in the pussy.

I cannot normalize the vulgarity, vindictiveness and anger– the lack of composure and lack of respect for some Americans that Donald Trump has shown.

I cannot normalize a man who called my country, the United States, the “dumping ground of the world.”

Ironically, this is the same rhetoric that was spewed by many politicians before him back in the 1920s and 1930s against the Greeks and other “unworthy” ethnic groups. Was my dad and mom part of that dumping ground back then?

I can’t normalize a man who attacks a woman, calls her a fat slob and disgusting. My mother is fat— and she’s a beautiful woman. When he Tweeted that woman and called her disgusting, I thought about my own mother and many “fat” people I know. I wondered how those Americans felt hearing this from a man who would one day ask them to be their President.

I can’t normalize a man who shows blatant disrespect towards gays and lesbians. I know many gays and lesbians— they are your sons, your daughters, your grandchildren.

You want me to respect the choice of the American people, who elected Donald Trump, to the highest office of our land. You want me to respect American democracy. The people spoke, after all, right?

But I must ask— shouldn’t Donald Trump have respect for the office he, himself, is holding?

I cannot have respect for a man who has, up to now, shown nothing but disrespect and disdain for the very office he will hold for the next four years and for large parts of the American public that he wants to govern.

In addition to that lack of respect I have a huge problem with Donald Trump’s lack of decency as a human being.

Looking back, I think that of all of the Presidents I have been old enough to remember, most of them have been decent men. I may not have agreed with their politics, or their decisions, but most were decent human beings.

Both George Bushes were definitely decent men, as was Barack Obama.

In my own personal opinion, I don’t think Bill Clinton was a decent man after the way he treated his own wife, Monica Lewinsky and subsequently, the American people to whom he told the most egregious lies and thought we were dummies.

I don’t remember much of Ronald Reagan because it was the 80s and I was too busy listening to Madonna and George Michael to care about politics.

Donald Trump has proven— with his own words, actions, deeds and Tweets, that he has no decency. He is not a decent man.

A decent man doesn’t brag about infidelity against his first wife with a woman who became his second wife… Then, when the 2nd wife become expendable, he cheated on her with the woman who became his third wife.

I won’t march, I won’t cheer, I won’t watch. My ethos as a human being can’t normalize Donald Trump’s behavior, nor his Presidency. It goes against everything I was taught at home, everything I was taught in Church growing up and everything I hold dear to my heart as a human being.

I am by no means a moral leader and I certainly can’t speak as a Christian because I am more flawed than most people I know… But my logic, my gut, my ethics and my human decency will not allow me to normalize this man. I just can’t.

This isn’t about politics or policies. It’s not about jobs and his views on NATO. This is about his core values as a human being which radically differ from my own, and what I am willing to accept or normalize.

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