History Repeating itself

I studied history in college, with an emphasis on the rise of dictatorships and fundamentalist regimes.

I learned about Cambodia, Iran, Egypt, Nazi Germany and other places around the world which were once peaceful, multicultural and thriving societies which were turned into horrific places.

There are common threads developing with all of these places and what we’ve seen in the past 5 days in the United States.

Discredit the media, spread propaganda and stick by it. No matter how fantastical it may sound and even if it is factually incorrect, stick by it.

Send out your goons and make sure they are all on the same message of the lies that are being promulgated.

This makes people (not so smart people, especially) start believing you.

Then, start gag orders– you must hide the things you don’t want the media and the general public to know about.

In the meantime, distract the public with follies and stupid things that they will eat up and talk about for days, while you do your cunning work behind the scenes.

It’s chilling to see history repeating itself, almost by the book.

Another thing that was prevalent in many of these other societies: ambivalence. The masses never expected what was going to hit them and almost overnight… well… most of us know what happened in these societies.

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